About Taoni

TAONI Oyster Farming Equipment started to produce plastic products from 2010 year,and we 20 sets of injection machines, 6 plastic blow molding machine,and 4 plastic mesh machines.

During the past years,we have developed many new methods of oyster growing with the help of the oyster farmers from North America,Europe Australia,and New Zealand,such as assembled floating oyster bags,one end sealed oyster bags,oyster lantern, floating oyster tumbler, and oyster cages. and we keep developing more products for growing oysters,and improve them .

The smallest mesh size of the oyster mesh  that we can make is 2mm,suitable for oyster seed growing.

We supply OEM service,and supply customized products,with our injection machine,extruded plastic mesh machine,and clips&hooks making machines. Any kind of oyster equipment you want, just contact with us.

WHY choose TAONI?

We have high quality products and our own production line

Say NO to the bad materials!

TAONI  Oyster Farming Equipment is a professional manufacturer and supplier of oyster mesh bag and related products, such as air-filled floats,foam floats, floating oyster bag, oyster tumbler,sealed oyster bag,shark clips,common pin,hooks,zip ties, hog rings, and oyster mesh basket,etc. And we have own production line, our own quality inspection workers.

All of  the material of our product are high-quality material. The plastic products are made of 100% new HDPE,PVC,with UV protection.The metal products are made of 100% SUS 316 stainless steel material,marine standard.All the products are long active life.

We have high-educated workers

All of our workers are high-educated from office to the workshop. Our salesmen are polite and skilled.Our workmen are professional.You will enjoy our service from the production to getting the products.

We have profound culture.

A professional company must have its own culture if it want to go further.

  • Philosophy. Pursue customers' satisfaction is our philosophy. In some sense, customers can determine whether you succeed or not. So we must offer the high quality product and superior service to pursue customers' satisfaction.
  • Mission. Our mission is high quality products. We must improve the quality of oyster mesh to make contributions to aquaculture industry. Only with high quality products, can we gain more partners and enhance competitiveness.
  • Prospect. To be one of the biggest oyster mesh manufactures is our prospect. The market is full of violent competition. How can we survive in the competition? Bring in advanced technology and equipment, improve the workers' skill and the quality of service. In one word, spare no effort to do the best oyster mesh.


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Contact: Rebecca Wang

Phone: 86-17734562123

Tel: 86-17733823121

Company: Taoni Oyster Farming Equipment

Add: Industrialpark,Hengshui city,HeBei province,China

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