Float Oyster Bag

  • Foam Float Oyster Bag
Foam Float Oyster Bag

Foam Float Oyster Bag

Float oyster bag is a good method to grow oyster,which is more effective and cleaner.

Our oyster bag are made of 100% new HDPE material,with Anti-UV  treatment.

Binding with our speacial heavy-duty zip ties, the floats never won't escape.
Floating on the surface,the oysters can get more nutrient and oxygen in the the oyster grow faster and better than using the traditional way.It also keep the oysters' shell cleaner than the oysters feeding under the water.
It reduces the cost of oysters feeding,and good for enviroment.
Most of oysters growing in the floating bags have a nice and uniform appearance.
Floating oyster bag has various mesh sizes, which can suit different sizes of oysters.

Assembling two oblong foam floats to the oyster bag with 6 100% new nylon zip ties,the foam floating oyster bag is done.One end is hog rings closed,the other end is closed with hook to make the space inside the bags as much as it can be.

The foam float supply the biggest buoyancy to the bags,and when the farmers fip the bags, they could stay on the other bags firmly.
TAONI foam floating oyster bag is popular in New Zealand and Australia,and it is becoming more and more popular all over the world.
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You may also choose the one foam float oyster bag(30cmx70cm)

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