Float Oyster Bag

  • Air-filled Float Oyster Bag
  • Air-filled Float Oyster Bag
Air-filled Float Oyster Bag Air-filled Float Oyster Bag

Air-filled Float Oyster Bag

  • Product description: We supply floating oyster bag,assembled oyster bag with floats, and any kinds of floating oyster bag.

Float oyster bag is a new effective method to grow oyster. And the air-filled float is much more durable and longivity.Growing the oyster on the surface of the water can make full use of the nutrient and oxygen rich surface water,and  it makes the oyster clean and grow faster than using the traditional way. It also makes the shell of the oysters in a pretty uniform shape.It's a ecnomic way to grow oysters,for its low cost and longivity.

To fill  some  oyster seed into the 3mm float oyster bags and tie them  to the main line of your dock. Give the bag a shake and a flip the bags every a few weeks ,and you can see that your oysters are growing apparently.All of the material of the oyster bag,floats,aip ties and rubber band are all UV-resistant,and all the clips and hooks are marine standard stainles steel.

The black floats can be connected with the 20inches oyster bag with the 350mm long heaven duty black cable tie,or the rubber band. Using the rubber band,the black buoy can be taken off and put on from the oyster mesh bag,accoriding to the season.This kind of floating oyster mesh bag is popular in Canada.But using the heaven duty cable tie ,the cost will be lower.

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