Oyster Mesh Bag

  • HDPE Oyster Mesh Bag
HDPE Oyster Mesh Bag

HDPE Oyster Mesh Bag

  • Product description: We supply good quality oyster mesh bag in China. The material of the oyster mesh bag are 100% new anti-UV HDPE.

oyster mesh bag - Flexible and Durable way to Grow Oyster

oyster mesh bag is the pre-cut oyster tube mesh.

It is a flexible way to raise your oysters, either floating on or at the bottom of water.

All oyster bags are made of heavy-duty HDPE oyster mesh. The oyster mesh bags can be assembled with stainless steel clips, elastic straps and nylon harnesses. TAONI oyster bags can be used in water for more than seven years. We can offer you various sizes oyster mesh bags, and also can do cages according to your specifications.

Material :100% new Anti-UV HDPE

Standard Width :30cm 45cm,50cm,60cm
Standard Length :70cm and 100 cm
Mesh size :2mm,3mm, 4mm , 6mm , 9mm, 10mm , 12mm,14mm , 16mm,18mm,22mm.
Weight /PC : 360g -900g / PC

Ends treatment : two ends open or closed by hog rings or hot sealed treatment

Mesh type:diamond and square

Color: mainly black,as black color's mesh has a longer longivity.
Using:It is major in aquaculture ,specially for the oyster .it has no pollution ,Corrosion-resistant and other characteristics .

Here are some warm prompt.

  • In the water, shake each oyster cage up and down to remove the silt and fouling.
  • Move cages to the dock for at least one hour per month to let the sun and wind dry and kill bacteria.
  • Pick out the died oysters as soon as possible.
  • Before you put cages back into the water, give each cage a good shake to ensure oysters dispersed at the bottom.
  • Do not forget to remove the cages into the water.
  • If the bag is assmebled with the float,it can save a lot of labors,such as sharking the bags.

Two ends open oyster bags

Hot sealed Oyster mesh bag

Hog rings closed oyster bag

Foam floating oyster bag

Air-filled float oyster bag

Floating oyster tumbler

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