HDPE Oyster Mesh

Square Oyster Mesh

  • Product description: TAONI oyster farming equipment Co supply the good oyster mesh to the customers.

TAONI Oyster mesh is made of HDPE(high density polyethylene) and with high UV protection. It is known as a material for making oyster bags.

It is Mainly used to make oyster cage,oyster grow-out bag,oyster basket,and oyster tray.It is really a good maerial for growing oysters.

The main shape of oyster mesh: diamond oyster mesh and square oyster mesh, available from mesh size 2 mm to 45 mm and even bigger.TAONI oyster mesh is made of 100% virgin HDPE with UV protection, and its longivity is long,over 8 years.

It makes growing oyster easier,and  has become the most popular way to grow the oyster all over the world.

What's more, oyster mesh is easy to use and assemble, and takes less maintenance charges.

We mainly offer oyster mesh in pieces, in rolls. And it is free if we cut the oyster mesh into pieces.


  • Material: 100% new HDPE material with UV protection.
  • Production Process: extruded mesh.
  • Mesh shape: diamond oyster mesh, square oyster mesh.
  • Color: mainly black.If you need,we offer orange, red, white, blue, green, yellow, etc.
  • Type: flat oyster mesh and tubular oyster mesh.

Flat oyster mesh in rolls.

TAONI oyster farming equipment offers flat oyster mesh in rolls,both square mesh and diamond mesh.

It's mainly be used making oyster trays.and some farmers used the flat mesh to grow shrimp,lobster and crabs.

The width is from 30cm to 200cm,and the length is 50meters and 100 meters.

Tube oyster mesh in rolls

TAONI offers the tube oyster mesh too.

The mainly widths are 30cm,50cm,and 60cm.The standard length is 50meters.


  • Better Uniformed Oysters. These oyster meshes make the oysters separated during growing stages, so that it can create a better living environment for oyster. Thus it helps to produce better uniformed oysters with high appeal to the consumers.
  • Increasing Yield. Oyster mesh is built to withstand extreme weather conditions, and can protect the oysters from the attack of birds and fish. So oyster mesh can reduce the attrition rate of your oyster, and help you achieve greater harvest.
  • Light Weight. Oyster mesh is manufactured from polypropylene, which gives the mesh high strength, while remaining very lightweight.
  • Long Life and Lower Maintenance Cost. Made from the durable high-grade UV and corrosion resistant HDPE, so our oyster mesh has a long life and needs lower maintenance cost.
  • Environment Friendly. Our oyster mesh is environment friendly. It will never have a bad effect on surrounding life.
  • Perfect Package. The oyster mesh is commonly wrapped with PP woven cloth and then in wooden pallet. It can maintain the shape of oyster mesh.

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